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Code of Conduct & General Instruction for Students

  • Students should use the word “PLEASE” when asking for something and “THANK YOU” when receiving and “EXCUSE ME” when other conversation has be interrupted.

  • They should respect and wish teachers/elders.

  • They should try and speak English in the school campus and at home too.

  • They should desist from undesirable behavior like whistling, shouting, or running in the corridors while in the school.

  • They should refrain from vulgarity in talk and behavior.

  • No student should indulge in any of the following practices:


    Rowdy and rude behavior

    Use of violence in any form

    Casteism, communication or practice of untouchability

    Bursting, crackers, throwing colors on one another.

  • They should not cheat or be unfair at play and should be truthful at all cost.

  • They should stand up gently when a teacher or visitor comes to talk to them.

  • They should not keep their hands in the pocket or stand in skew while talking with elders.

  • They should respect the neatness of the classroom and the school premises and report any damage observed.

  • They should observe polite manners wherever they go.

  • They should always be friendly with others.

  • Students are expected to join school on the notified date at the beginning of the term.

  • Every School appointee should wear his/her identity card daily. Identity card is compulsory for all the students.

  • All students should arrive at school 5 minutes before the start of the school.

  • Attendance on all National festival day and school function is compulsory for students.

  • Students who are not in proper uniform will not be permitted to enter the classrooms.

  • The bell before assembly is a signal for all to go to the prayer ground. This should be done promptly any in silence.

  • Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.

  • Each student will be assigned a seat in his/her class, which cannot be changed without prior permission sought from the class teacher.

  • Students should accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share.

  • Students should always be ready to lend a helping hand to their parents, teachers and companions or any unattended visitor whom they happen to meet in the school premises.

  • Student should never hesitate to say “NO” when tempted to do anything which is wrong.

  • Instead of lamenting and grumbling over the evils of the world, the students should try to contribute their share in making it a better place to live in.

  • The student must take care of his/her belongings like books, money, clothes etc. Anything left by the student in the school shall be deposited in the school office as lost property which will be given back to the owner on calming it with proof of proper identification. However, the school will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.

  • School property like furniture, walls etc should not be defected. The culprit will have to make good of any damage done.

  • Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruction/weapons like pistol, knife or any other objects, which can cause injury to others.

  • Students are not allowed to wear jewelry, expensive watches, bracelets etc. or bring transistors, calculators, cameras, mobile phone etc. to the school. Strict disciplinary action will be initiated against any student found in possession of any such article.

  • Wastes, fruit peels etc must be thrown only in the waste paper bins. Students should take care to keep the school premises clean.

  • Books other than the text books or library books, should not be bought to the school.

  • Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not permitted.

  • Use of scooters/motorbikes is strictly prohibited in the school.

  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals.

  • Any breach of decency or any work or action which is likely to lower the image of the school is regarded as a breach of discipline.

  • The school reserves the right to expel any student whose progress is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is detrimental to the school atmosphere/image.

  • Students should affix his/her photograph and write the required information duly signed by the parent in the space provided for in the almanac.

  • Non- compliance of any of the detailed instructions can result in expulsion of the defaulting student from the school.

Disciplinary Measures

The following disciplinary measures will be adopted by the school in dealing with all offenders:

Oral Warning & Counseling

Explanation in writing from the offender as to why the offence has occurred.

First writing warning (with intimation and counter signature form the parent/guardian)

Second written warning (with intimation and counter signature from the parent/guardian)

Expulsion/ Termination order